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01 - Energy challenges and opportunities for our future

02 - Perception of solar technologies in Mediterranean countries

03 - What is the purpose of the guidelines?

04 - What breaks BIPV spreading in southern Mediterranean Basin?

05 - What's the role of architects and building designers in BIPV?

06 - What are the current developments in PV in Tunisia?

07 - How can photovoltaic be integrated in buildings?

08 - EN Tunisie: sensibilisations des citoyens sur l'énergie solaire et les technologies photovoltaïques

09 - What's the different PV sizing according to destination and building elements?

10 - Cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean: FOSTErInMED participates at 'NextMed' Conference

11 - What are the major types of material PV cells are made of?

12 - Context Analysis Report: perception and knowledge of Solar technologies in the Mediterranean area

13 - What electrical appliances are increasing electricity consumption that could be supplied by BIPV?

14 - First Mediterranean Solar Forum

15 - What are the electrical primary sources in Jordan and what is the potential of reneweable energy?

16 - Fostering Solar Energy in the Mediterranean Sea Basin: pilot projects will be discussed in Aqaba

17 - Can BIPV help to fix the local electrical network lacks in Lebanon?

18 - Alexandria in action! For a greener and sustainable lifestyle... truly Mediterranean

19 - What's BIPV? Why use solar power on buildings?

20 - What to consider when installing a new PV system on an existing building?

21 - ASCAME fostering solar energy through the Barcelona Solar Forum

22 - What are the future prospects of BIPV systems?

23 - Raising awareness about solar energy: FOSTEr in MED meeting in Tunis

24 - Opportunities for SMEs with building integrated photovoltaic (ITA)

25 - Promoting the use of solar technologies in Lebanon: Foster in Med info point participates at  Project Lebanon 2015

26 - Promoting solar energy in the Mediterranean: round table and midterm conference (ITA)

27 - FOSTEr in MED at a glance!

28 - FOSTEr in MED guidelines: now online!

29 - FOSTEr in MED: Training paths on solar energy starting soon in Jordan!

30 - FOSTEr in MED: Capitalisation conference in Cairo

31 - FOSTEr in MED at World EXPO 2015

32 - FOSTEr in MED: formazione gratuita sul BIPV

33 - FOSTEr in MED at the Mediterranean Solar Forum 2015!

34 - BIPV courses completed in Cagliari