Expected results

Expected results of the project are:

  • Cultural and normative barriers, design and technical gap that can delay the diffusion of solar technologies identified through comprehensive context analysis
  • Solar technologies and its technological trends promoted
  • Local legislations on solar energy compared and common innovation proposals defined
  • Design, architectural integration and installation competences transferred
  • Solar energy consumption increased in 5 public buildings through 85 kWp of photovoltaic panels installed.

Project outputs

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Communication Plan

Capitalisation Plan

Context Analysis


Guidelines Annex

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Download this file (01-Communication-Plan-FOSTEr-in-MED.pdf)Communication Plan Management FOSTEr in MED178 Kb
Download this file (02-Capitalisation-Plan-FOSTEr-in-MED.pdf)Capitalisation Plan Management FOSTEr in MED516 Kb
Download this file (03-Context-Analysis-Report-FOSTEr-in-MED.pdf)Context Analysis Management FOSTEr in MED6594 Kb
Download this file (04-Guidelines-FOSTEr-in-MED-rev03.pdf)Guidelines Management FOSTEr in MED5629 Kb
Download this file (annex-foster-in-med-guidelines.pdf)Guidelines Annex Management FOSTEr in MED4013 Kb
Download this file (FOSTERinMED Capitalisation Plan Monitoring.PDF)Capitalization Plan- Monitoring Management FOSTEr in MED7817 Kb
Download this file (PAPERS REPORT_final.pdf)Policy paper Final Report  Management FOSTEr in MED1106 Kb